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Weight Management

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Our weight management program not only helps patients lose weight, but it changes their lifestyle and the way they view food. Via a low complex carbohydrate diet combined with exercise and medication as indicated medically necessary, patients are able to lose weight and keep it off. Their vitals are closely monitored and patients are weighed bi-weekly. The constant encouragement and continuity of care make our patients extremely successful at losing weight, keeping the weight off and changing their lives.


red-rose-rejuvenation-weight-managementCalorie Counting

In order to maintain weight loss, it becomes a numbers game… calories in minus calories out equals stable weight. Increasing calorie expenditure via exercise or decreasing calorie intake will help keep your current weight if you start to gain. Remember to eat small frequent meal and exercise to help keep your metabolism going!


Carb Counting

Visit My Daily Plate for an easy way to track your carbs and calories!


Drink Water

Never underestimate the power of water. In addition to a good diet and plenty of exercises, water is a great weight loss assistant. As far as weight loss is concerned, water encourages proper kidney function and increases the efficiency of the liver’s fat burning capabilities. Drinking water also reduces retention. As I said before, when you don’t drink enough your body tends to hold on to more fluids. Drinking enough will release what it doesn’t need and you’ll have less bloating. So get to drinking!


Starvation and Hunger

So many people think the key to an effective weight loss plan is to skip meals. While eating smaller portions and cutting your caloric intake is usually a good idea, it’s NOT a good idea, however, if you’re starving yourself and only eating one or two meals per day. People don’t realize that hunger actually slows your metabolism. So for all of you who think you’re doing your body a service by skipping breakfast, you’re actually hurting it in the long run. Eating within one hour of getting up kick starts your metabolism and helps you burn more calories through the day. When you wait until noon or 1 pm to have your first meal, your metabolism is already sluggish, you have a tendency to eat more and your body may not burn it off as well. Eating smaller, frequent meals is the way to go. Digestion actually burns calories so if your body is doing this 5-6 times per day this is a good thing. Eating frequently also keeps you from getting hungry.